Want to hire the Espa Stage?

Hire the Espa Stage for your event!

The attractive summer stage provides a memorable milieu for organising various public events and private events in a central location. 

In autumn and winter, the Espa Stage transforms into a unique exhibition space. 

If you are interested in hiring the stage, please contact espanlava@hel.fi.

During the winter season, the Espa is in use without stage technology or staff. To hire the stage during the autumn and winter season and in summer 2018, please contact us via email espanlava@hel.fi.

We do not rent out the stage for political or religious events. 

Details about the stage

The Espa Stage is 9.5 metres wide and 5.5 metres in depth. The outdoor stage in front of the glass structure is an additional 2.5 metres in depth. Social spaces are located beneath the stage for performers, two toilets and a small cooking area.


During the summer the Espa Stage only uses a compact sound system and small lighting rigs. For more information about the equipment, click here.

Do you need to utilise the space in front of the stage?

If you need space for your event, for example, for marketing stands in the surrounding park too, please contact the Public Works Department.